There is a wide variety of Baptist groups in the United States. University Baptist Church, along with other American Baptist congregations, count the following as part of our heritage:

Religious Liberty (Soul Liberty). We believe every person has an opportunity to connect with God in the way that works for them. This means each individual has the responsibility to read and interpret the Scriptures for themselves within the context of their spiritual community.

Separation of Church and State. We believe this phrase is simply a shorthand metaphor for expressing a deeper truth: religious liberty is best protected when church and state are institutionally separated and neither tries to perform or interfere with the essential mission and work of the other.

Autonomy of the Local Church. While we may join together in associations with other American Baptist churches for mutual support and missions, we believe each church has the freedom to determine its own missions, beliefs, leaders, and form of worship.

Believer’s Baptism. We believe that a person needs to make their own decision to follow Christ. This decision is publically declared in the act of baptism, following the example of Jesus as he began his public ministry.

A Balanced Perspective. We keep in view both the need for sharing our personal spiritual experiences and the work for social justice within society.


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