American_Baptist_Churches_USA-logo-695E66B19B-seeklogo.comAmerican Baptist Churches USA
American Baptist Churches is one of the most diverse Christian denominations today, with over 5,200 local congregations comprised of 1.3 million members across the United States and Puerto Rico. As a people of prayer, purpose, and passion, we are in the forefront of creating a community of faith where people of every race, nationality and culture gather as one in worship, service and work.


evergreen abcEvergreen Association-ABC
Evergreen is an association of Churches dedicated to celebrating our diversity while finding our unity in Jesus Christ. The people who created Evergreen envisioned a community of churches working together as one in unity and in spirit. They felt that the best way to honor that vision was to structure the organization where decisions are made through ethnic caucuses and consensus decision making. This structure is unique among the various regions of the denomination of American Baptist Churches USA.


AWABAssociation of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists
AWAB has been supporting churches in being and becoming Welcoming and Affirming of all people regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.  We work as individuals, congregations, regional groupings and as a national body to advance the Radical Welcome and Love of God in Jesus Christ through being the Ministry of Reconciliation and building up the Beloved Community where all will be one.


bpfnaBaptist Peace Fellowship of North America | Bautista por la Paz
BPFNA – Bautistas por la Paz – is the largest network of Baptist peacemakers in the world. We celebrate and support the peacemaking work done by Baptist churches in our four home countries of Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico by raising the visibility of these efforts; bringing peacemakers together in regional and international gatherings; and providing resources, speakers and training to our members. We also actively connect with peacemakers from other traditions, faith-based and secular, to build alliances and work together toward our common goal of a more just and peaceful world.


Square FAN logo croppedFaith Action Network
FAN is a statewide interfaith advocacy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization through which thousands of people and 97 faith communities across Washington State partner for the common good. Each member believes that justice work is part of our religious calling, communicates with elected officials about critical social issues, and actively advocates for justice in our local and state governmental systems. Together, we are a powerful voice of the faithful building a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.


church_council_of_greater_seattleThe Church Council of Greater Seattle
Church Council is composed of more than 340 churches from 16 denominations – as well as thousands of individuals – who are united by the belief that we can work together to promote justice and increase compassion in our community. The Church Council speaks up on social and economic issues and helps lead efforts for positive change. The Church Council’s programs serve more than two thousand people in need each year. We provide human services in the areas of homelessness, youth development, mental health and compassionate care. The Church Council organizes marches for peace, coalitions for fair wages, help for immigrants, systems to track public policy, and task forces that address a range of local, national and international issues.