• Conscious Hymn Selection

The people here at University Baptist Church love music! We sing a variety of music that ranges from traditional American hymns to international hymns, adding some more modern hymns and other songs that have been written for a variety of cultures and faiths. Our music reflects our values of diversity and respect, and the words of each hymn are carefully considered as theological statements. Our primary hymnal is The New Century Hymnal, which we pair with a companion three-ring binder containing 48 songs and hymns specifically chosen by our Worship Team for the resonance with our values as a community that we find in their lyrics.

  • Sunday Choir Performances

Pastor Margie Paynton directs UBC’s choir, which is composed of individuals from our church community. The choir is an integral part of our Sunday worship services from September through June (July and August constitute a brief summer break). The UBC choir sings a variety of fun, challenging, and message-affirming choral pieces throughout their performance season. There are no formal auditions. To get involved, come at 9:15 am – before the worship service – for choir practice and give it a try! Or contact Margie Paynton.

  • Special Music Performances

Members of the UBC community with musical talents and a desire to perform are encouraged to share their gifts during worship. Anyone who plays instruments, dances, or performs vocally as a soloist or small group member is welcome to contact Pastor Margie Paynton to discuss scheduling their special performance as a part of the worship service. Anyone interesting in providing piano accompaniment for the UBC choir or the congregational singing is also encouraged to get in touch with Margie.