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Salt and Light (Apr. 14, 2017)

Dear friends –

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, I asked you to consider your own peaceful protests this week and, if you like, share them in a show of solidarity with others on this Lenten journey with us. Here are two:

(1) Tom shared that he (plus others) are ‘marching’ in conversation and action around issues of race.  He is also part of a group at Covenant Shores exploring Diversity Awareness.

(2) In recent weeks, I have received from the Church Council of Greater Seattle printable resource guides for immigrants in King and Pierce County. They are available in English and Spanish. I gave a set to daughter Mary, since her daughter Eliza attends a school with a large Spanish-speaking population that includes immigrants. I will also be visiting my former school next week to share a set with the Family Liaison person; she may in turn share them with her counterparts in the Highline School District. I will also share with both Mary and the Family Liaison a document (English or Spanish) on how immigrants can protect themselves if they are arrested or detained by the US
government. Doing this is helping me feel less helpless and hopeless in these times.

Next, some announcements:

  • If you would like to bring either an Easter lily or some cut flowers to share during our worship on Sunday, we will enlist some folks to deliver them to those who can’t get out to worship with us.
  • Also, a reminder that parking on Sunday is in the University Community Center lot on 50th and 12th. A van will shuttle you to and from the door of the church.
  • I mentioned a couple of weeks back being able to join Carlos, one of our former sanctuary refugees, during his interview with Univision, the Seattle Spanish speaking television station. The interviewer has sent along links to the two parts of the program, called ‘Moral vs Legal’:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    (These may be of particular interest to those of you who speak Spanish!)
  • Last of the announcements is a reminder of Saturday’s Black Lives Matter March, beginning at 2:00 p.m. at Westlake Park. You are invited to join Brooke in his peaceful protest.

    Finally, I conclude this message with another of Jan Richardson’s blessings:

    What Abides
    for Good Friday

    You will know
    this blessing
    by how it
    does not stay still,
    by the way it
    refuses to rest
    in one place.

    You will recognize it
    by how it takes
    first one form,
    then another:

    now running down
    the face of the mother
    who watches the breaking
    of the child
    she had borne,

    now in the stance
    of the woman
    who followed him here
    and will not leave him

    Now it twists in anguish
    on the mouth of the friend
    whom he loved;

    now it bares itself
    in the wound,
    the cry,
    the finishing and
    final breath.

    This blessing
    is not in any one
    of these alone.

    It is what
    binds them

    It is what dwells
    in the space
    between them,
    though it be torn
    and gaping.

    It is what abides
    in the tear
    the rending makes.

    May you know and share peace and blessings,

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