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Salt and Light (Apr. 11, 2017)

Greetings fellow sojourners –

We have begun perhaps the most holy week in the church year – a week that takes us from a peaceful but joyful protest through a shared Passover meal, abandonment, suffering and ultimately, resurrection.

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, I spoke these words during my sermon: “Jesus’ followers possessed no formal authority to change their world, but neighbor and friend, stranger and distant traveler, children and adults marched into the city gates with Jesus to contest the exclusionary  practices that had so long defined their existence . . . The message that Jesus had been preaching on Palm Sunday was replaced with the voice of community shouting ‘Hosanna!’, literally ‘Save Us!’ ”

I invite you to share how you are waging your own peaceful protest this week, not for a pat on the back, but to remind us all that the acts of common people with uncommon courage can oppose today’s exclusionary practices and policies and instead stand with our brothers and sisters whose voices are not being heard.

I had an opportunity to visit with Ron N. yesterday afternoon. Ron is feeling the benefit of working with a physical therapist to increase his leg strength and hopes to be able to arrange transportation in order to worship with us again in the near future. When I left, he showed me a ‘penthouse’ lounge with magnificent views to the north and east. Staff were setting up tables and making preparations for a private event, which, upon further reflection, I came to realize, was a Jewish Passover celebration. Today marks Passover, and I invite your prayers for our Jewish friends and neighbors as they mark this important day.

I also ask your continued prayers for Dave and Terri S., and for doctors who are still working to find the right balance of medications for Dave. Others with health concerns are Virginia N. and Ginny
B.; please remember these in your prayers.

I hope that this week you will find courage to ‘get on your donkey’ and do the work of peace, justice and reconciliation that our world so desperately needs, and may you know that you do not  journey alone.


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