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Salt and Light (Apr. 5, 2017)

My brothers and sisters –

I have several updates to bring you midweek.

I received an email from the person who came to UBC to interview Carlos Amaya, one of UBC’s Central American refugees from the 1980s, and me (a little bit) for Univision Seattle, a spanish language television station here in Seattle. The segment aired at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on April 5th on Comcast channel 29 (HD 112, 726). The piece was titled “Sanctuary Churches: Moral vs. Legal”.

I have finally caught up with several members who have been in our thoughts and prayers.

Ron N. is enjoying the food and view from his sixth floor apartment at Aegis Madison, and hopes to come to worship in the near future. He also benefits from conversation with his neighbors. He seemed in good spirits. Prayers that circumstances will allow him to be in worship with us soon.

I finally was able to talk to a staff person at Foundation House, where Dan P. lives  Staff will give Dan’s daughter Siri my number so that I can see how Dan is doing and perhaps arrange a visit.

Virginia N. visited an orthopedist – who gave her some hope that she can, with 6-8 weeks of physical therapy, be able to put weight on her knee again to enable walking. If this is not successful, she will
need to look for another place to live where she can get extra help that she can’t get where she is now. Prayers for this unsettling time and discernment of the road ahead.

Terri S.’s biopsy came back benign, although she told me that her doctor informed her that this type of cancer usually occurs in people 20-50 years of age. In the meantime, however, Dave is once again in
the hospital with heart issues. A short walk today brought on muscle spasms all over his body. Prayers for wisdom for doctors treating Dave.

In our own time of discernment, I invite your prayers for the steering committee looking at topics both complex and varied this week:  Tom N., Carol S., Marilee N., Cass N., Lori T. and and myself.

Lest we forget, we approach Palm Sunday and Holy Week as we journey towards Easter. I hope that you continue to experience transformation and hope in this time.


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