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Salt and Light (Feb. 1, 2017)

My brothers and sisters –

On this first day of February, 2017, I want to share with all of you my most humble appreciation for the trust and support you have given to me by installing me as your Pastor.

I have decided to name these communications with you as ‘Salt and Light’ because these words come from some of my favorite words from Matthew’s gospel:  “You ARE the salt of the earth. . . You ARE the light of the world.” It’s “you are,” not “you should be” or “you may become” or even ”you must.”  But I ran across a quote this past week that I believe speaks to our current times, from Anthony Liccione, American poet and author born in 1968. May this quote give you courage and hope in these days.

“To be the salt, you also need to be the shaker. To shake the world. Shake the truth. Shake the people. Shake the word. Have it sprinkle, melt and preserve humanity.”

This coming Sunday, as we gather around the Communion table set for all, we will have an opportunity to talk about discipleship in the context of Marcia Patton’s words to us last Sunday. She said that we all should expect change with the installation of a new pastor – change in a pastor that you have known for many years in a different role, and also change in the congregation as it relates to a new pastor. A question that we will begin to explore is “What do you expect (or want) to be different as we move forward – in me. . . . and in yourself?”

May the days ahead bring you opportunities to be a shaker.
With gratitude and blessing –


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